Deep fried snacks made of torreya-nuts

There are lots of Japanese nutmeg trees in the south of Sado Island.

People have had torreya-nuts from the trees since a long time ago.

However, the number of people who can make the snacks has been on the decline, and now a young lady, Miss. Noguchi tries to take over the traditional methods to make them.

About Japanese nutmeg trees

Japanese nutmeg is the tree which can grow even in the place out of sunlight.

It’s strong and hard, and its scent is effective for repelling insects.

In Japan, it’s used to make a SHOGI or IGO BOARD, Japanese chess-board.

It takes about 3 million years to grow up, and there are 6 million-year-old trees in this area!

The trees bear fruits like this, and they are torreya-nuts.

They are strong-tasting fruits, so to make it mild, usually people boil them with ash and make them dry before eating.

It takes much time and effort but these nuts are very tasty.

Rich in vitamin E, and it prevents high blood pressure, diabetes and aging.

Deep fried snacks made of torreya-nuts

They are the deep-fried snacks made of torreya-nuts, and they are made in Akadomari, in the south of Sado Island.

In the past, there were many people who could make these snacks, but as the makers age and rural depopulation, less people are making it nowadays.

Mr. Noguchi, who is from this area, wanted to keep this tradition and came back to Sado Island a few yeras ago.

She learnt how to make it, and now harvests these nuts, produces and packs them by herself.

These snacks are crunchy and the more they are chewed, the tastier they become.

The moment you bite it, the aroma flavor of the nuts spreads in your mouth.

The more you chew, the more you can enjoy the natural sweetness of nuts oil.

You can choose salty one or sweet one.

This will be a good souvenir for your family and friends too!

Foods related with Shinto god

People in this area believe that *Tengu in Sado Island used to get his power by eating this nuts.

Maybe you can get special power by having it?

*Tengu : A legendary creature found in Japanese folk religion and are also considered a Shinto god or supernatural beings.

Kayanomi no Kai
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You can buy this at Sado Ferry Terminal in Ryotsu.

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