Day trip to enjoy flowers at temple

If you visit SADO island in May, Chokoku Temple would be the good place to enjoy a day trip.

Temple with Rabbit statue

We went there 11th May, and Peony flowers and azaleas bloomed.

There is a little place called “Chozusha”, where visitors wash their hands and purifying before entering temple like this.

Some chairs were prepared so that visitors could be relax and enjoy flowers.

While we were walking, we could smell sweet scent of flowers.

A Shiba dog welcomed us too. 🙂

On our way to the rabbit area, we heard something, and found that it was the cry of Japanese crested ibis.

Also, we could see smoke coming out of a house beside the temple and smell burn wood.

The monk might have heated bath water and made bath. It reminded me of a good old days which I have seen 30 years ago when I was a child.

We kept walking the path and a big rabbit statue appeared in front of us.

Rabbits were sunning in the area, and it’s so relaxing to see them there.

At this temple, a monk and other volunteers take care of and raise them until they get old enough, and reintroduce them in the wild and let them eat weed around the temple.

New born baby rabbits were sleeping in a box at the entrance of side house.

According to the monk, 45 rabbits are raised by volunteers now.

There is a little path to the bamboo forest behind the statue, and there were also some rabbits too.

If you look for a pleace for day trip in SADO, this could be a good place to enjoy spring on the island.

Chokoku Temple
Address:13, Chokoku, Sado city, 952-0204
1st parking:2 buses, 15 cars
2nd parking:10 cars
3rd parking:3 buses, 2 mini buses, 10 cars

By the day, after visiting Chokoku Temple, we drove 15min and went to Japanese restaurant to have fresh Sushi.

The Best Sushi restaurant “Cho-zaburou”

We went to “Cho-zaburou” and ordered “Matsu Sushi & Ramen Set”.

You can enjoy Sushi of a variety of seafoods and simple but delicious ramen here.

The Best Japanese Ramen Restaurants in Sado Island

If you are thinking to have lunch or dinner before or after visiting temple, or if you simply want to have a good Sushi set, I strongly recommend this place.

Address:81-4, Niibo, Sado-city, 952-0116
Payment:Credit Crad available(VISA, MASTER, JCB)
Closed:Sun of first, 3rd and 5th every month, Mon of 2nd and 4th every month
Seats:70, some private rooms
Access from the closest bus stop:5mins from Niibo on Minami line
Parking:10 cars available