Creamy cappuccino at old cafe

“Cafe de Cattleya” is an over 60-year-old local cafe in Aikawa area where the Gold Mine is located.

SADO Magistrate’s Office

Feel history of sado island

Feel the history in Aikawa

The building looks calssic, and it has retro atmosphere.

The parking #64 is across the street

Stained glass lights throw a light over the room, and it’s very relaxing.

They have about 30 different kinds of coffees there.

I ordered a cup of cappuccino and pancake the other day.

A cinnamon stick came with it, and I mixed it with the stick.

The creamy bubbles is so fine and rich, and it gently melts in my mouth.

The coffee mixed with the creamy bubbles is also tasty and rich in flavor, too.

Pancake is simple with less sugar, so healthy and it brings out the flavor of the coffee.

If you want to enoy a local cafe and relaxing time there around Gold Mine, “Cafe de Cattleya” would be the good one.

Cafe de Cattleya
– Address:67, Haneda, Aikawa, Sado city, Niigata, 952-1548
– TEL:0259-74-3348
– Open:9:00A.M.-10:30P.M.
– Closed:1st Jan
– Payment: Cash only
– Parking:Space for 3 cars across the street
– The closest bus stop:5min walk from the Aikawa st on Hon-sen, Kaifu and Nanaura line