Cherry blossom viewing in SADO

If you visit Sado island in spring, you might want to enjoy cherry blossom viewing too.

SADO Gold Mine is one of the best places to do it.

If you come up from Kitazawa Flotation Plant, you can see SAKURA, cherry blossom, all the way like, on top of that, around SADO magistrate’s office, in the public parking and around SADO Gold Mine.

In 17th century when SADO Gold Mine was prosperous, people here might have enjoyed this cherry blossom along the river.

You can take a walk between trees too.

There is a Gold Mine Cafe at 3rd parking area, which is a little before the Gold Mine, and to look at cherry blossom over coffee would be relaxing.

On the other saide of the 3rd parking, you can see other trees around an old plant to rid of impurities out of ore.

To come here, you can either take a local bus, taxi or rent a car.

I visited this place on 14th Apr, but it’s only half in bloom, so it will be in full bloom sometimes between 16th to 21st.

SADO Gold Mine
Address:1305, Shimo-Aikawa, Sado city, 952-1501
Open:Mon-Sun, 8:30A.M.-5:00P.M.
Official Website
Gold Mine Cafe in 3rd parking area
Address:3rd Parking Area, 1305, Shimo-Aikawa, Sado city, 952-1501
Open:Apr to the middle of Nov
Reservation:Not necessary
Payment:Cash only
Parking:Car 50, Bus:10
Closest Bus Stop:Kinzan Chaya Mae on Honsen or Nanaurasen