Cafe & Restaurant in Aikawa

If you are looking for a comfortable and quiet cafe and restaurant in Aikawa, “Columbia” would be a good one.

This cafe and restaurant has blue roof and green wall, and you can park your car at the free parking area across the street.

This place is pretty spaceful and relaxing.

I and my family had these lunch sets the other day.

  • Hamburg Steak Set
  • Yakiniku Set
  • Sandwich
  • Chocolate parfait
  • Coffee float
  • Cocoa float

I recommend Hamburg Steak Set, and it’s juicy and tasty!

Cafe Columbia
– Address: 436, Orito, Aikawa, SADO city, Niigata
– TEL:0259-74-4151
– Open:11:30A.M.-1:30P.M., 5:30P.M.-00:00A.M.
– Closed: Not fixed
– Parking area: Please use free parking area accross the street