Before going to SADO Gold Mine

If you plan to go to SADO Gold Mine, please visit “Kirarium” which has just opened in Aikawa on April, 2019.

It’s a facility to show the history of SADO Gold and Silver Mine in SADO Island.

Summary and tour courses of SADO Gold and Silver Mine are introduced in an easily understandable manner.

You can get information of historical spots tours and walking about town, too.

Visual experience with video on a large screen and projection mapping at exhibition room will deepen understanding of SADO Gold and Silver Mine’s history from 17th to 20th century.

Kirarium SADO

– Address: 18-1, Hama-machi, 3chome, Aikawa, Sado city
– TEL: 0259-74-2215
– Open: 8:30A.M.-5P.M.(Reception til 4:30P.M.)
– Closed: From 29th Dec to 3rd Jan
– Admission fee: Free
* Charge of exhibition room
300yen/Adult&high school student, 150yen/Student, tax included
250yen/Adult group more than 15 people, tax included
100yen/Student group more than 15 people, tax included
* Smoking is prohibited in the facility
* Ppeople with animals are not permitted to enter
* No food or drink is allowed in the facility
* Prohibit to take pictures except for a part of the exhibition room