Beautiful Rose Garden

A variety of flowers bloom through yte four seasons in Sado Island, and the roses are at their best from the end of May to the beginning of Jun.

Especially at “Santaro Nouen”, you can enjoy 500 kinds of roses.

There is a little parking area, so you can park your car there or park on the side road.

Admission Free is 300yen tax included in Spring and 200yen tax included in autumn, and you can put coins in the bottle at the entrance.

As you stepped into the garden, the colorful roses welcome you.

You will see not only red, but also pink, orange, yellow, purple etc. many kinds of roses there.

They smell sweet and make you relax.

Santaro Nouen
Address: 803-1, Izumi, Sado city, 952-1212
Admission Free: 300yen in Spring, 200yen in autumn, tax included