A cool souvenir shop in SADO

If you look for the shop to buy souveniors for your family and friends, I recommend “Imari” in Aikawa.

There are lots of handicrafts made by local artists and craftmen/craftwomen.

Feel the history in Aikawa

Some are used by local people in everyday life here.

It’s located 1min walk from Kyomachi Cafe and Cafe&Restaurant Kyomachitei, and next to Charakura Candy Store on Kyomachi Street, not far from the Gold Mine.

Quaint cafe&restaurant in Aikawa

Local penny candy store on Kyomachi street

Japanese quaint cafe after enjoying the Gold Mine

The bamboo crafts welcome you.

This is hats made of braided straw, and local people dance with them at local festival.

You can enjoy the refreshing scent of grass/rush, and it could be a good interior.

Feel history of sado island

This is small Tarai Boat, which is used in Ogi area to get seaweed or shells.

When you throw a party at your place, you can put some drink including Sake and wine and ice in this small tub.

For the coffee and tea lovers, this would be a good souvenir, too.

Bamboo dripper, its holder and coaster

And wine glass for the wine lovers.

These are ceramics/potteries made of special red cray called “Mumyoi”, which you can get only in SADO Island.

They put the red cray on the floor so that you can see and touch it.

If you make a reservation, you can made your original pottery here under local potter’s instruction, too.

These sandals are made of bamboo skin, and the more you wear them, the more they get colors, shiny and softer.

A small broom, pot mat, bamboo basket displaied on side wall

At Kyomachitei, they used one of the round bamboo craft in the upper right as a clock. Cool, isn’t it?

Quaint cafe&restaurant in Aikawa

Garally to see culture in Aikawa

Why don’t you put this bamboo light on the left in your room back home?

These bamboo accessories including earings and rings will be a good souvenior for your girlfriend or mom.

If you like unique ones, you can get these baskets with Japanese characters and arts.

– Address: 18, Shimo-kyomachi, Aikawa, SADO city, Niigata, 952-1307
– TEL: 050-5362-7818
– Open: Sat & Sun 10:00A.M.-4:00P.M.
– E-mail address: info@yusan-sado.com

A Book Cafe & Local theater where you can have lunch