A Book Cafe & Local theater where you can have lunch

If you would like to fee the good old days in Japan, you can go to “Gashima Cinema”.

It’s located in Ailawa town, Sado Island and it’s on the Kyomachi Street.

From 17th to 19th century when Sado Island has bee flourishing in the Gold Mine, venders moved from Kyoto, Tokyo and Osaka and branched out to this area.

And one street was named after the street in Kyoto and called “Kyomachi-dori”.

When you go up to the street, you will find “Gashima Cinema” on your left side.

After walking through a small gate, you will see a millstone which was used long time ago in the Japanese garden.

There is a cherry tree and maple, and you can enjoy Hanami, cherry‐blossom viewing, in spring and autumn colour of leaves in fall.

This old house is built in 1930’s, and chief of Sado Gold Mine used to live here.

  • Chiken & vegetable curry : 650yen, tax included
  • Coffee : 350yen, tax included
  • Vintage assam tea : 350yen, tax included
  • Jasmine tea : 300yen, tax included
  • Coke : 300yen, tax included
  • Ginger ale : 300yen, tax included
  • Orange juice : 300yen, tax included
  • Sweets : from 200yen, tax included
  • Please less noise during the movie

First thing you can see when you open the door is these projectors.

These projectors had been in a public hall which planed to be destroyed, so owner here received and reused them.

This little Maneki-neko welcomes you too. This welcoming cat is not often seen in Japanese houses nowadays.

Theater room

Unique round window

Old chests of drawers under the screen

Hangers and blankets put in the barrels in the old closet. You can use them freely.

A book cafe next to the theater and there are a variety of books.

The movie to be shown is changed each month, and books are also changed in accordance with the movie.

They reuse old sewing machines as cafe tables. The Kanjis drawn on them are cool.

An old radio is displayed on the shelf.

There are lots of unique things here and fun to walk around.

Counter where you can have a drink.

You can buy local healthy snacks here too.

I ordered chiken & vegetable curry and hot assam tea.

My sister had Today’s coffee.

The chiken was so soft and the vegetable & coconut flavor filled my mouth.

All vegetables melted and became this delicious soup mixed with spices.

I was here only for 1 hour, but felt like staying here longer and enjoying this place more.

If you like to watch movie or be movie lover, you could be immersed in it here.

Even though you don’t watch a movie, you can enjoy reading at cafe or tasting delicious curry looking at the garden from the window.

Why don’t you stop by this local book cafe & theather on your trip?A

1000yen/Adult, 500yen/Child, tax included *To watch 1 movie with 1 drink

*Preschool children are free of charge

Cafe Gashimashinema
Address:11, Kami Kyomachi, Aikawa, Sado city, Niigata-ken, 952-1522
Closed:Mon & Tue
Open:10:00 – 16:00

Experience the woodcut at the museum

Japanese quaint cafe after enjoying the Gold Mine