7000 Hydrangea at Renge Temple

SADO Islans is rich in nature, and you can even enjoy it at temple.

“Renge Temple” is one of them, and located in southwestern SADO.

It’s also called “Hydrangea Temple” and 7000 Hydrangea flowers bloom from the end of June to the beginning of July.

A zelkova tree welcome you and it’s said that you will be blessed with good children if you hug the tree.

The “Ojizo-san”, guardian deity of children are behind the tree, too.

If you go down a slope having 6 Ojizo-sans on your left side, you will see lots of Hydrangea.

At the end of the slope, there is a cute dog on your right side.

Leaves in autumn/koyo season will be beautiful,too.

When you trun right, there are old temples which are registered as Important Cultural Properties.

You can be relax around the lake with lotus flowers hearing the sound of a bell there.

Renge Temple
・Address: 182, Kobie, Sado city, Niigata, 952-0602
・Closest Bus Stop: 30min by walk from Ogi-Onsenmae on Akadomari, Ogi and Shukunegi Line
・Parking: 100cars
・Restroom is at the parking area